Financing Your Studies – Scholarships for Foreign Students

This page contains information on the possibilities of financing your studies with the help of scholarships for foreign students.
Please see our practical information on studying in France to get a realistic idea about the minimum necessary budget for living in Lyon.

The True Cost of the Aerospace Engineering Master Program

Our Master program is very demanding in terms of resources, both material and intellectual, due to the intensive practical training in state-of-the-art aerospace facilities that all our students receive. If one takes into account the costs for providing and maintaining the necessary infrastructure as well as for the salaries of lecturers and technical personnel, then one ends up with more than ten thousand euro per student and per year. The major part of these expenses is subsidized by the French government, meaning that each student – French and foreign alike – only has to pay a minimum enrollment fee. It is important to realize that acceptance to our program is equivalent to a yearly scholarship of more than seven thousand euro, payed by the taxpayers of France; as a matter of fact, many master programs in other countries charge a significantly higher enrollment fee to foreign students for this very reason.

How to Find Scholarships

We advise candidates to inform themselves about scholarship programs that exist in their country of origin. Please consult the European Funding Guide and the relevant sections of the CampusFrance and the LyonCampus websites for more information on financing your studies.
Note also that there are a number of scholarships for conducting your master thesis project abroad.