Application Information

How to Apply for the Master of Aerospace Engineering in Lyon

Below you will find detailed information on the application procedure and the criteria for eligibility, as well as on the additional steps that you may have to take to obtain your student’s visa. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you should have further questions.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

A Bachelor degree in an appropriate Engineering discipline or in Applied Physics is required to be eligible for the Master of Aerospace Engineering. The minimum number of associated credits is 180, which normally corresponds to having completed a three-year Bachelor program.
Furthermore, a reasonable command of the English language (spoken and in written form) is necessary [At least a certified B2 Level, CEFRL].

Note that it is possible to apply directly for the second year of the program if you have already completed – or if you are in the process of completing – an aerospace-related Master year at another university.
The selection committee will evaluate prospective students based on their academic background and their motivation letter. Proof of additional qualifications such as language certificates and recommendation letters will be taken into account as well.

The required documents are:
– CV/Resume
– Motivation/Cover letter
– Copy of your Passport/ID Card
– ID picture
– Reference letter(s)
– Transcripts of records
– Copy of the last degree awarded
– English Language Certificate

It is mandatory to register via Campus France in parallel, if you apply from a country where the procedure does exist.

Application Procedure and Deadlines

Applications for 24-25 are over

EEA Citizens

Citizens of the European Economic Area do not need any visa for living and studying in France, therefore there are no further bureaucratic formalities for this group of candidates. You may nevertheless want to have a look at the CampusFrance website because it provides a lot of useful information about living and studying in France.
If needed, you can consult this map of CampusFrance offices around the world to find a CampusFrance representative near you.

Non-EEA Citizens

If you are not a citizen of an EEA country, then you will in most cases need a visa to study in France. The CampusFrance agency has the mission to promote studying in France and to help candidates with obtaining their student’s visa from the French embassy in their country of residence. Please consult the two sections below to find out which procedure applies to you.

Countries in which the “Study in France” procedure is obligatory
If you live in one of the countries listed in the table below then you have to apply for joining our Master via CampusFrance using the “Study in France” procedure. However, this “CEF” application does not replace the Aerospace Engineering application procedure described above; both processes should be carried out in parallel.
Please click on the name of your country, which will take you directly to the relevant CampusFrance website, and then follow the application instructions provided there. (A lot of additional information about living and studying in France can be found on the CampusFrance website as well). You can also go directly to the page for creating your “CEF” dossier and select your country from the list provided there.

The CEF procedure applies to the following countries

Note that you do not necessarily have to use the “CEF” procedure if you are a citizen of one of the above-listed countries but you are currently living in a non-CEF country. Please contact your nearest CampusFrance office to inquire about the correct procedure in such cases.

Non-“Study in France” countries

If your country of residence is not included in the “CEF” list above then you can address yourself directly to the nearest French embassy to apply for your student’s visa. You may nevertheless want to contact CampusFrance because they may be able to help with the visa procedure and their website provides a lot of useful information about living and studying in France.