Welcome to the Master of Aerospace Engineering in Lyon!

Ecole centrale de Lyon is one of the highest engineering schools in France. Created in 1857, Ecole centrale de Lyon is among the best institutions worldwide in Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics.

Since several decades Ecole centrale de Lyon did develop a strong link to Aeronautic sectors and have still a number of large research programs with either aeronautic large companies (SAFRAN, AIRBUS, ONERA,…) and their suppliers and SME. Ecole centrale de Lyon is in this context hosting large experimental facilities; some of them are unique worldwide and connected to national excellency initiatives.

The Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering is a new graduate program of the Université de Lyon, operated by the École centrale de Lyon. It offers a two-year program in Master 1 (M1) and Master 2 (M2):

M1 common-core syllabus
M2 « Aerospace Propulsion (PAS) » option
M2 « Dynamic and Sustainability of Composite Materials (DDC) » option

The concerned disciplinary fields are fluid mechanics and energy, solid and structural mechanics, materials, and control engineering, in relation with three renowned research laboratories of Lyon: LMFA, LTDS, ICJ and Ampère.

The Master is in line with the strategic axis « Science and engineering for a sustainable society » defined by the Université de Lyon, as well as with two social challenges identified by the École centrale de Lyon, « Aeronautics and space » and « Increasing the competitiveness of the industrial economy through innovation and entrepreneurship »

Why Choosing the Ecole centrale Master of Aerospace Engineering”

Students enrolled in this program will acquire very high level training in both the propulsion and the material/structure focus of aerospace engineering. The later will give them a very good background for the management of complex aerospace engineering projects as well as an important insight into manufacturing and production oriented items. Graduate students will have the opportunity to use high level practical skills connected to the aerospace engineering. Choosing the master of Aerospace Engineering at Ecole centrale de Lyon means then:

  • Having access to top national laboratories and research structures at Ecole centrale de Lyon. Among them are the Fluid Mechanics and Acoustics Laboratory (LMFA), the Tribology and System Dynamics (LTDS). Both are well known French institutions with a very high industrial impact and link.
  • A small group teaching environment which is the signature of Ecole centrale de Lyon with very high interaction potentials.
  • Lectures will be given by senior experts and famous scientists’ worldwide recognized for their expertise in fluid mechanics, acoustics, solids mechanics, structural materials, control, among others.
  • A large part of the curriculum will be of practical character through a learning by doing way of thinking. Access to up to date and large facilities will be guaranteed.
  • 20% of classes will be delivered by experts from the industry. The Ecole centrale de Lyon strong and long-standing links to important companies and research centers in the aerospace sector will be considered.
  • Exchange mobility opportunities and dual degree program with international institutions (Germany, Canada,…) will be considered.

The most important facts at a glance:

Scope Two-year post-bachelor program in Aerospace Engineering (120 ECTS)
multidisciplinary curriculum taught in English
Degree Master of Science (for industrial or academic career) accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research with possibilities to continue for a PhD
Eligibility Bachelor degree (180 ECTS) in a field of science or engineering
Students with additional qualifications can apply to join the second year
Tuition fees 3770€ for non EU students